The Injustice of Noah’s Curse

A new interpretation of a historically horrific text

Caring for Others’ Perspectives

A “Children’s Chat” for Broad Street Presbyterian Church (Columbus, OH)

The Bible for Us
A resource for interpreting the Bible in ways that are honest and liberating

Africana Biblical Hermeneutics
A panel discussion on Africana biblical scholarship

Race and Ancient Egypt
An academic article on one way White people have racialized ancient Egyptians

Honoring God’s Diversity
Videos accompanying a Presbyterian Church USA curriculum on honoring God’s diversity

Ham in Aronofsky’s Noah
An academic article on Darren Aronofsky’s 2014 movie, Noah and reception history

Preaching Prep Resource
Mini-commentaries on biblical passages to help Christians prepare sermons

Reception History Interview
Interview with Dr. Rick Jordan on why Bible teachers should care about the consequences of biblical interpretation

Preaching Prep Podcast
Interview with Rachel Wrenn and Tim McNinch on insights into preaching 2 Kings 5:1-14

Women in the Bible
Interview alongside Rev. Dr. Angela Johnson by hosts Destini Hodges and Lee Catoe for Just Talk Live

The Sound of Easter
An amazing production from Center of Hope (Inglewood, CA) in 2018 that I contributed to through script writing

KISS Bible Study
A defunct project featuring 30+ Bible study videos. I now see tons of things I would change, but people keep asking for me to share these; so here they are.

Black Toys Matter
A blog about sharing toys and healthy worldviews with little ones I love