Working Preacher Mini-Commentaries

What is Abram’s Problem?
God’s Word looks different when we focus on the margins

Genesis 2-3 and Zora Neale Hurston
Reading the creation story with a Black literary genius

Does God Have Room for Me Too?
Reading God’s covenant with the excluded

Preaching Beyond Abram
What happens when we care about all involved in Abram’s call?

Our God of Emancipated Refugees
A communal identity rooted in God’s solidarity during slavery and forced migration

Exodus: A Story of Death and Freedom
Difficult questions about violence, death, and liberation in the Passover story

Turning from Generations of Violence
How Joseph charts a new path

The Deadly and Life-Giving Word of God
A deeply troubling paradox in scripture and our history of interpretation

God’s Rainbow Covenant in Contexts
Cautions and lessons when celebrating the famous rainbow covenant in Genesis 9